December 19, 2008


As the Christmas vacation for my children is round the corner their demand for new recipes every day will also increase.To start with I made Rasogollas from the scratch,which both my daughter and me like and also relished.This was a long pending 'to try' recipe from my collection.

Citric acid-1/4 tsp dissolved in 1/2 cup water
Refine flour-1 tsp
Sugar-1 cup
Water-3 cups
Rose essence-a few drops

To make panner
Boil milk,allow to cool and skim off the fat from the surface
Boil milk again and gradually add citric acid,stirring continuously
When milk curdles remove from heat and leave covered for 15 min
Strain it in muslin cloth gather up the corners, tie and hang it for 15 min
Gently squeeze the bag and place in between two plates/cutting board and keep heavy object on top for 45min
Knead with heel of the hand for 5 min,add flour and knead till grains disappear and paneer becomes soft and creamy.
Dive the mixture into small portions and roll into small ballswith slight pressure between palms till smooth and even
Put sugar and water into cooker,placecooker on high heat and bring to boil stirring till sugar is dissolved
Carefully place the paneer balls one by one in the syrup
Close the cooker,bring to full pressure,reduce heat and cook for 7 min
Remove from heat,cool naturally
Open cooker,add essense,stir
Serve hot or cold

Though the recipe seems to be a long one it is very easy to make and Iam sending this to Kitchen Flavour's FIC-WHITE started by Sunshine Mom


Nags said...

love rasgullas!! been ages since i had some :)

sam said...

The rasgullas sound good. However, you have not baked/cooked/fried the balls. Is that not necessary for making rasgullas because you are adding flour to it....?

renuka said...

Thanks Nags and Sam
I've pressure cooked them Sam

Kitchen Flavours said...

Yummy balls of juice, taste and sweetness. Thanks for sharing the simple version and sending them to FIC.