July 27, 2008


According to the title though this milkshake is old,its taste is so refreshing even today when there are loads of milkshakes available.Iam thankful to the WYF EVENT as it makes us think what we really relish.This milkshake was made by my mom when I was a kid,as I never liked milk.So this was a way to make me drink milk and I made this today and of course relished after so many years.

Mixed fruit jam-2tsp
Ice cubes-a few
Sugar-2tsp optional

In a blender mix jam and sugar
Add milk and icecubes to it
Serve cold

This is a very easy recipe and in those days served after a dinner and is also my entry for EC's WYF EVENT started by Hima


Andhra Flavors said...

i heard first time milk shake with jam. lovely one.

Maheswari said...

WOW..a colorful drink..Nice entry..

Rachel said...

A mixed fruit jam shake....Never thought of that....Nice

jayasree said...

Hey thats one easy will come handy when we don't have fruits at hand.

Yours has got a nice color.

SMN said...

Totally new recipe. never heard of using fruit jam in milk shake. innovative

Kalva said...

Jam in milkshake... Bet tasted great dear

Bhawana said...

good good, sound tasty for sure

easycrafts said...

Thats new to me...thanks for participating

Sukanya said...

Wow thats an amazing milkshake and so easy to make. Can always impress guests with it when we dont have fruits at home.

renuka said...

Thanks all,this was the age old recipe when there were no variety of milk shakes