July 23, 2008


It's a week since I posted,thanks to my dear PC who is on a strike.Looks like Iam over doing and so everyday there is some problem.Though I've clicked a lot of recipes I'll not be able to share with you all till my PC is fully co-operative.So till then some kitchen tips for you all to know

If you are in a hurry to cook 'dal',add a little oil and turmeric powder to it before placing in the cooker.It will get done quicker

While making 'dahivadas'add a little curd to the ground 'dal'and mix well.The vadas will turn out softer and absorb less oil

Biscuits,wafers etc.will stayfresh and crisp if stored in the fridge,wrapped in brown paper

If the bread is too soft to cut into pieces,hold knife close to a flame till slightly warm,and then slice the bread with it.It will cut into neat pieces

Run out of fresh bread,just keep the leftover hardened bread on the lid of a pan containing hot water,they will be soft and as good as fresh in no time


notyet100 said...

neat tips,..

Lavi said...

nice tips..hope your PC stop its strike:)