November 11, 2007


Hi friends,
All of us have become a little lazy after Deepavali with all celebrations,get togethers,and of course a long weekend too.I was so surprised when I blogged in after the break,my blog has crossed 1000 HITS.Thank you my dear friends for all the encouraging words which forces me to post everyday

Iam sure all of us have added up huge calories after tasting all those mouth watering sweets which we made as well as which we received,so back to the hectic calorie reducing technique to lose those extras(enemy) which we unwillingly accepted.Iam planning to start strictly from tomorrow as I really freaked out with the sweets

Without banging the head of the alarm(poor fellow I hit him atleast thrice),to start with morning walk minimum for 45 min
Start the day with a glass of warm water with half lime juice and a spoon of honey
Have oats porridge made in water with salt for breakfast
Lime juice without sugar for mid morning
Chappati 2 with lots of vegetables
Marie biscuits 2 with a cup of steaming tea for the evening
Evening walk if possible for 45 min
Chapathi 2 with dal for dinner
A fruit or milk when going to bed
Drink as much water as possible
If you follow this religiously you will definitely drive off your unwillingly accepted enemy within few days and get ready for the NEW YEAR PARTY


Bharathy said...

My vibes are late wake ups Renuka..But time to take your advice here...good post!!!