September 10, 2007


Kick start your conservation efforts


Depend more on natural light-properly positioned window provides more light as
dozens of bulbs during day

Use fluorescent lamps-gives four times as much light per watt as bulbs-is a great
way to save energy

Right amount of light in the right place-use localised light for reading and fine

Paint your rooms light colours-they reflect light and make them seem brighter and

Use low wattage lamps-for store rooms and passages

For strong light-use one single high wattage lamp instead of several low ones

Keep the lights clean-dust can decrease lighting levels

Lights should be placed at appropriate heights-placing them too high would reduce
light you get


Leaving lids on pots saves 20 percent energy

A pressure cooker can save 75% energy and time in cooking

Use smaller utencils for small quantities

A pop-up toaster consumes three to four times less energy than the grill element in an oven

With electric plates match the size of the pan to that of the element

Copper-bottomedpans heat up faster

Use only the required amount of water for boiling and steaming

To reduce cooking time thaw the frozen foods before cooking

Avoid peeking into the oven often while baking


When you buy a new appliance it makes good sense to choose the model that uses the least energy even if they are expensive.You could find that the savings you make by using less electricity outweigh the difference in purchase price.Another aspect with home appliances isto see that enersg saving equipment is used efficiently


Avoid putting hot foods directly into the fridge or freezer

Cover foods especially liquids,to prevent them releasing moisture into the fridge and so increasing energy use

Defrost fridge regularly

A full freezer will perform better than an empty one,if not full fill plastic containers with water and freeze them

Coils at the back should be kept dust free.Place the fridge in such a position that the coils are ventilated

Mark items for easy identification so that you don't have to stand with the doors open for long


Load the machine to capacity when possible,but don't overload

Clean the filter connected to the water pipe frequently to avoid clogging


Preventing summer heat into the house is the best than artificial cooling.Hang white curtains,blinds with reflective lining

Choose the right size.A unit bigger will cost more and consume more power

Put the AC on the shady side of the building with good ventilation

If the machine has adjustable louvres,adjust them towards the ceiling when cooling and towards the floor when on the heater mode

Do not keep the fridge in an AC room,since the heat generated by the fridge will reduce the efficiency of the AC


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Renuka...Nice informative post the way I liked ur site......lots of useful info :-)

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